What People Are Saying


Member Comments:
" It's nice the things we do, the games we play and when we go out for lunch. "
" I like coming to New Roots to see my buddy, he understands me, he's always positive. "
" It gets me out meeting different people. " " It always gives me a laugh."
" If I didn't come to New Roots I'd be lost, I have no one to talk to, it's wonderful coming here. "
Caregiver Comments:
Telephone Quote:
Since my Mom started New Roots theres been a huge difference in her liveliness, conversation, awareness and brightness. I can actually have a conversation with her now. It's the best thing that's ever happened to her. The Doctor says there is an amazing improvement in her since she's started New Roots.
Greeting Card:
"You are possibly the kindest, sweetest people with the most generosity of spirit we have ever encountered. (participant) adores you. You give him a reason to live! For some unexplainable reason, our kids thought you would be much older. Were they surprised!!! No wonder Dad loves New Roots - that devil!! (they said). Now the guys all want to get old and be with you each week. THANK YOU!" 
Phone Message:
" I wanted to let you know how much [my mother] has improved as a result of these visits to New Roots and what a world of good it's done for her. I can't thank you enough for providing such a service, we're very grateful. We appreciate all you've done; it's just been absolutely marvelous."
Thank You Card:
" Thank you for the patience & kind attention you all have shown to my mother over the past 2 years I know she enjoys New Roots and the lovely social atmosphere you've created. I also know full well the difficult and challenging behaviour that arises every so often. Some how you all make everything right, recognizing its mothers' disease speaking and not the person!! You are an enlightened lot for sure. "
Greeting Card:
"...what is truly remarkable is how you manage to accommodate each clients' challenges & their unique needs & make it work seamlessly!! Congratulations!! I'm a huge admirer of your skills!! "


Vancouver Coastal Health Case Manager Comments:

- "Since (he) has started attending the ADC (he) is really happy and really alert...he is a changed person."

- "You are doing an amazing job, the family is so happy."

- "You may have literally saved their lives."

- "You need to know that you and your staff are doing a wonderful job."

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